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stolenMacs is the vanished Macs database. This project was born a few years ago when some thieves got in our studio and stole our beloved Macs. Just like any other, we felt frustrated and powerless but we decided to transform these bad feelings in creating a new service for everyone, which is based on reciprocity and aid we can give and get from other people, through internet communities. Solidarity and trust are the values on which we built A-Network, the project dedicated to stolen devices.

When you add your entry to our database, although you have just been the victim of a theft, you show that you too believe in the good faith of people and you are often rewarded because it happens that strangers send you reports and help you find objects that were taken from you.

Over time there have been a lot of cases in which this happened, not always of course, but we have often helped to heal an injustice and this gives us a great satisfaction. The amount we ask you to pay is only a contribution that serves to keep the service alive.

stolenMacs is useful not only for people who have suffered a theft. If you want to be sure not to buy an stolen item when you buy a used devices, just search our database for the serial number to be safer. If you find a stolen or lost device, please report to the owner.

If you are a professional Apple reseller, create free badges for selling devices. stolenMacs can offer your customers an extra guarantee: the certainty that the device you are about to sell was not previously reported as stolen or lost in our worldwide database. Gain more trust and sell faster in a safer way. We just need the Serial number in order to create a badge. It’s very simple, and also free.

Add your entry if someone stole your Apple device, create a badge if you’re going to sell your used device or search our database if you’re going to buy second hand device. If you find a stolen or lost device, please report to the owner: thank you!