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About stolenMacs

stolenMacs is the worldwide database containing Serial numbers of all stolen or lost devices. Our mission is to help make online trading and selling (on marketplaces like eBay or classifieds or refurbished & used store, etc.) more secure for everyone. If your Mac was stolen or lost, just add an entry to our database.

My Mac was stolen or lost, what can I do?

We advise you to immediately contact the relevant police department and file a theft report. After that, add an entry to our database paying a little fee. You can add information about you stolen or lost Mac to our worldwide database and make it searchable from everyone instantly. Your entry will be valid and present forever: other users can report to you some information regarding you device. In addition, stolenMacs will send you and instant notification whenever an user search for your device using its IMEI or Serial number, containing all data we can get (IP, date, etc.)

How can I avoid buying a stolen item?

When you search online for an used or refurbished Mac, iPhone or iPad on marketplaces like eBay, classifieds or local stores, you can ask the seller for the Serial number and lookup up it for free in our database to make sure you're not going to buy a stolen or lost device. If so, you can report to the legitimate owner.

How long my entry remains in database?

As long as you decide to keep it online: from your Personal Area you can delete your entry whenever you want.

Where I can find the serial number of my product?

Depending on the product, you can find your serial number on the surface of your product, in system settings and on the original package. For rurther information visit this page.

I think I've found a stolen or lost device. What should I do?

Please report to the legitimate owner first. Search for Serial number or IMEI in our database, click on "Tip owner" and enter all information you have about the device, seller, etc.. The legitimate owner will receive a notification with informations you entered immediately: by doing so you will help him find his device and get it back. Thank you in advance.

Informations are verified?

No. All data you can find on stolenMacs, such as stolen or lost entries, reports to owners, are entered by users, so they are spontaneous and unverified. stolenMacs disclaims any responsibility for the truthfulness of the information on the site. Furthermore, stolenMacs and Insight cannot in any case be held responsible for any inaccurate or mendacious statements. By registering with MacRubato, you declare that you are aware of these conditions and agree to indemnify Insight and MacRubato against any claim for compensation and / or compensation claimed by you and / or third parties as a result of the publication of the aforementioned information.
Please read Terms of service.

What happens when someone creates a Badge using my Serial number?

If your entry was active and public, it's not possible to create a Badge using your device data. If somene tries to do so, we will send you and istant notification containing all informations we currently have.